Easy Sequin Device

TCMX Mixed Type

A Mixed type series to increase production efficiency and open the way to versatile embroidery expressions!
Chenille embroidery and standard embroidery have been brought together in one embroidery machine.
A chenille embroidery head is coupled with a standard embroidery head in a pair (available up to 15 pairs).

TCMX 600 Type

Multi-head embroidery machines, specialized for chenille embroidery, in the pursuit of high speed, quietness and productivity.
Stable stitching is available at the industry’s fastest speed of 750rpm in lineup up to 23 heads!

TCMX-Mixed Type Series

ModelNeedlesPairsChenille headsMulticolor headsHead intervalEmbroidery space Table size
D×W(offset) Continuous(W)
TCMX-609126/9121212510680×510(230) 6,120 1,830×8,115
TCMX-609126/91212125101,200×510(230) 6,120 2,870×8,115
TCMX-609156/9151515480680×480(230) 7,200 1,830×9,165
TCMX-609156/9151515480800×480(230) 7,200 2,070×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,000×480(230) 7,200 2,470×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,200×480(230) 7,200 2,870×9,165
TCMX-609156/91515154801,500×480(230) 7,200 3,470×9,165
TCMX-612016/12111600680×600(275) 600 1,820×2,615
TCMX-612026/12222600680×600(275) 1,200 1,820×3,215
TCMX-612026/122226001,200×600(275) 1,200 2,860×3,215

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