Tajima Writer Plus

Tajima Writer PLUS

Tajima Writer PLUS converts text to embroidery data, or creates embroidery data by combining registered designs and text. Editing tasks like changing the color of embroidery threads, position adjustments etc., and thread color management in synch with the machine are also possible.

By connecting Tamija Writer PLUS and SAI via a LAN, the created embroidery data can be transmitted directly to SAI, and it can start embroidering right away.

Basic Functionality

  • Transmit designs to SAI from a PC (Writer PLUS) via a LAN connection
  • Creation of embroidery text data(Number of fonts: 31 alphabet fonts)
    * Some languages fonts are available as standard
  • Registration of existing embroidery data
  • Embroidery combining text and registered data
  • Size changes and position adjustment of text and registered data
  • Color changes to text and registered data
  • Data for more than 1300 designs are pre-installed

Available from the SAI Users' Site

Tajima Writer PLUS can be downloaded from the SAI Users’ Site, an exclusive site for our users that have purchased a SAI. Information including an ID and password provided at the time the SAI is purchased is required in order to access the SAI Users’ Site. Tutorials and manuals for Tajima Writer PLUS can also be downloaded from this site.

Tajima Writer PLUS​

Example of Writer PLUS’s basic operation

Select a design template


Select the desired layout from the templates.

Select a design template


Select the desired design from the design gallery. Design size can be changed and position can be adjusted.

Enter text


Enter the text you want to embroider, and select the font and size. An image of the text will appear on the left side of the screen.

Select the colors


Visualize the finished product and select the colors.

Transmit data to SAI


When the embroidery data is complete, transmit the data to SAI. Now, all the sewing machine has to do is read the pattern and start the embroidery.