Optional Frames

Embroidery Frame Guide

Cap Frame

*Cap Drive Ring and Cap Frame set
Embroidery Size: D 75mm x W 300mm

Pocket Frame

* Cap Drive Ring required
Purpose : Sleeves, Pockets, Cap side parts etc.
Embroidery Size : D 45mm x W 80mm

TFA Frame

Purpose : T-shirts, Sweatshirts etc.
Embroidery Space :
TFA-9 50mm
TFA-12 108mm
TFA-15 110mm
TFA-18 138mm


*The frame holder and the magnetic clips will be included as a set with the M-frame.
Purpose : Pouches, Bags etc.
3 size of frames as a set :
D 40mm x W 50mm
D 40mm x W 80mm
D 80mm x W 140mm

Sock Frame

* The sock frame set will include the base plate and two sock frames.
Purpose : Socks, Wristbands etc.
Frame Size : D 50mm x W 30mm

Shoe Frame

* A set of 2 sizes of shoes frame
Purpose:Shoe etc.
Frame size : D 25mm x W 30mm, D 25mm x W 50mm

Gauge Set

Set base for product hooping
Applicable Frames : Sock Frame, TFA Frame, Tubular Frame (100mm x 100mm)

Gauge Base

Sock Gauge