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Tajima quality and productivity brought to all forms of embroidery.


AC Servo Motor

Powered by AC Servo Motor. An AC Servo motor is adopted for the main shaft and the frame drive as with Tajima’s flagship models. Incorporating optimized drivers, motors, and encoders into a closed circuit controlled by Tajima technology. Extremely high positioning precision has been achieved while maintaining an ultra high speed of 1000 RPM. Tajima’s motor drive algorithm boosts the quality of embroidery to new level of excellence.

Upgraded Touch-operation Panel

Monitor : 12.1 TFT LCD touch panel
Memory : Standard memory capacity: 40,000, 000 stitches to register
Max. 650 designs.

Direct Command switches

Various operation switches and multi-color LEDs are located on the each tension base. Since all of the main functions of the operation panel can be manipulated in front of each head, the working efficiency of operators has been improved. Commonly used functions may be assigned to the custom switches

Popular Model

MODELNeedlesMulticolor headsHead intervalEmbroidery Space (mm)A
TMCS-V0912F912360S550 x 3605,5501,5401,639
TMCS-V0912F912360S680 x 3605,5501,8001,639
TMCS-V0915F915400S680 x 4007,2051,8001,639
TMCS-V0920F920330S550 x 3307,7551,5401,639
TMCS-V0920F920330S680 x 3307,7551,8001,639

Option: SBC, Sequin Device IV
Revolution: Max. 1,000 rpm
Power consumption:1.0 KW
Power Supply: 3-PH 380V 50Hz / 1-PH 220V 50Hz​

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