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TFMX-IIC Type 2 Series

The embroidery machine that brings beauty to life. 

Giving you the highest-quality embroidery machine with all of Tajima’s technologies, the only way to realize the utmost in embroidery quality 


Slim Cylinder Bed

The newly designed slim cylinder bed is about 12% smaller in diameter than the conventional cylinder bed, which expands support for finished products such as sleeves and pockets.

6.5 inch Color LCD panel

Easy-to-view 6.5 inch color LCD panel and special use keys are located in a compact design to enable operation by instinct.
The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen in real time .

Border Frame
Allows for full field that embroidery


The standard memory is 2,000,000 stitches and able to store a Max. of 200 designs.
Design data can be input and output using USB memory.

Tubular Frames
Wide range of Tubular frame are avaialble to meet all your requirement for embroidery on T-shirts, sweat shirts or other items

Option : Cap Frame 2

Cap frame that allows embroidery up to 360mm around the cap.

Popular Model:

ModelNeedlesMulticolor headsHead intervalEmbroidery Space
TFMX-IIC90494360450 x 3602,1501,2501,705
TFMX-IIC90696360450 x 3602,8701,2501,705
TFMX-IIC90898360450 x 3603,6401,2501,705
Option   Sequin Device III, Sequin Device IV, Lochrose Embroidery Device, High Speed Cording device
Revoution  Max. 1,000 rpm
Power consumption 310w ~ 420 w
Power Supply   1-PH 220V 50Hz
Motor  AC Servo Motor x 1, Pulse Motor X 2

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