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TCMX Series – Chenille embroidery machines

Integration of Tajima’s know-how and the most advanced technologies creates higher value added products.

TCMX Mixed Type

A Mixed type series to increase production efficiency and open the way to versatile embroidery expressions! Chenille embroidery and standard embroidery have been brought together in one embroidery machine. A chenille embroidery head is coupled with a standard embroidery head in a pair (available up to 15 pairs)


Chenille embroidery

High-speed operation at 750 rpm has been brought to reality

High-speed operation at 750 rpm (in comparison with our previous specification of 600 rpm) has drastically increased productivity.

Automatic change of 6 colors enables versatile multicolor arrangement.

A setting on the operation panel allows the operator to select desired colors.

Automatic lift-up mechanism

The Needle, Nipple and Presser foot are automatically lifted up for easier frame exchange operation.

Automatic needle height adjusting mechanism

Needle height is adjustable in 10 steps according to the loop height or chain size.

Tie-off function to prevent the thread from fraying

Chain stitches are automatically inserted for some stitches after completion of loop stitches for prevention of thread fraying
that causes production error.

Technologies and functions

A user-friendly color LCD operation panel

An easy-to view color LCD operation panel and special use keys are designed in a compact interface to enable operation by instinct. The job currently being embroidered on the machine is displayed on the screen inreal time 〈PAT〉.


Data input/ output

Design data input or output is available, using USB memory.

Popular Model

MODEL Needles Pairs Multicolor head Lock-stitch chenille heads Head interval Embroidery Space (mm) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm)
TCMX-61202 6/12 2 2 2 600 (680 x 600/275)S 3,215 1,820 1,550
TCMX-60912 6/9 12 12 12 480 (680 x 480/230)S 7,725 1,830 1,630
TCMX-60912 6/9 12 12 12 510 (680 x 510/230)S 8,115 1,830 1,630
TCMX-60915 6/9 15 15 15 480 (680 x 480/230)S 9,165 1,830 1,680
Option    : Sequin Device ESQ-C , Sequin Device IV
Revolution    : Max. 1,000 rpm (Standard ), Max 750 rpm ( Chenille embroidery), Max 500 rpm (Coiling embroidery)
Power consumption 1.6 kw
Power Supply 3-PH 380V 50Hz

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