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TAJIMA DG16 by Pulse

Take your embroidery designs anywhere with TAJIMA DG16 by Pulse! All of the industry leading features and functionality you need to succeed are now accessible from your mobile device, changing the way you operate your business. Create, manage and browse your designs from multiple devices through the all new PulseCloud service. Whether you design from a desktop computer or use the PulseCloud WebApp from your tablet, you’ll always be able to access your DG16 designs with the swipe of a finger.

Additional features that build upon our industry leading Vector Based Embroidery engine have created exciting new design possibilities with a variety of effects and hyper-detailed editing capabilities. DG16
is optimized with touch-screen support, additional machine integration functions, superior vector features and an all new Monogram Wizard. DG16 takes advantage of the latest hardware and operating systems with powerful 64-bit processing and CorelDRAW X7 support.

Make the seamless transition to DG16 and capitalize on the innovative new digitizing tools and features, all implemented to speed up your design process and increase design quality

Creative personalization

TAJIMA DG16 by Pulse offers more ways to creatively personalize products than ever before. Make any design uniquely your own with new fonts, features, stitch types and editing tools. There are 5 levels to meet the customer’s demands.

What’s New in DG16

Ribbon interface

Depending on the work, the most relevant setting items are displayed.

Rounded Corner

Click and drag any number of corners to make them rounded.

Personalization Toolbar

All-new freeform designer in a browser with endless creavive possibilities on any device.

Drag Anchor Path

Quickly digitize logos and letters by dragging paths

Create Boundary

Outline an entire shape or multiple shapes and convert the outline into any type of segment.

Sequin Paintbrush

Click and drag across an area of sequins to change the color or style.

Other features


DG16’s integrated drawing tools ensure optimal design quality by working with your products in vector form.


Import artwork from Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW directly into DG16 while preserving the vector points and original colors.


Only DG16 provides exclusive support for Tajima LAN enabled embroidery machines including displaying messages on the controller and optional barcode support.


Choose from an extensive collection of professionalquality embroidery fonts with automatic kerning, closest-point connection and automatic outlines.


Easily create exciting multi-media designs using a wide array of embellishment techniques including Sequin, Chenille, Lochrose and Laser.


Enhance your designs using specialized stitch effectsOur best-in-class stitch quality is unrivaled in the embroidery industry.

Pulse is proud to introduce the all-new PulseCloud in conjunction with DG16. Build and browse youronline portfolio with constant access to your designs from your mobile devices.You can even create new designs using templates. Moving technology to the cloud opens the door for various mobile and social possibilities, enabling you to take your business on the go and access your important files securely on multiple devices.

Apparel decoration businesses that implement PulseCloud will quickly see the benefit both in terms of profitability and efficiency. PulseCloud lets you keep an eye on machine status and job queues as they sew out, helping management stay up to date on production status when not on the floor. You can also send designs to your machines directly from your mobile devices.

Program Levels

Artist Plus

Expert Design Creation
Intricately detailed design effects and Special Artistic Options


Advanced VBE with automation and specialty stitch effects

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